Homestead Fencing

A very neat & classy fencing system using consistent diameter posts and rails which are easily assembled and ideal for rural, semi-rural fencing and property entrances. No Bolts, nails or fasteners of any kind required. Custom made to order.

Precision Rounded Posts & Poles

Pine poles machined to a constant diameter, ranging from 80mm,100mm,125mm,150mm,175mm & 200mm. Available from 1.2m to 3.0m in length (other sizing available on request). For a more defined finished look, a precision rounded post will compliment any project.


Made from a Precision Rounded Post to give a consistent diameter and with a domed end, bollards are often used by councils and park authorities to prevent vehicle access to recreation areas. Other uses include entrance ways, playgrounds and even marine use.

Park & Rail Sets

Manufactured from a Precision Rounded Post and can have rebates either at the top or side of post. Can also be supplied with rounded bollard top. For the use in reserves, playgrounds, bordering off lawned areas and walkways. Available in 1.8, 2.1, 2.4 & 3m lengths with 125mm, 150mm single or double scallop.



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