Tanalith K Treated Posts

Tanalith K Treated Posts

  • Tanapost is a new carbon based wood treatment against wood rot and insect attack. 

  • Tanapost also has a fire retardant added. Oce the fire has passed the post will not continue to burn.

  • Tanapost is a new technology enabling full cell treatment throughout all of the post.

  • Handling issues and odours are greatly reduced, however, small amounts of residue may still exist on the surface, therefore it is advisable to continue to wear gloves.

  • Tanapost will provide you with the most natural looking treated wood product. 

  • Tanapost is suitable for re-use or energy recovery at end of life 

  • Tanapost is accepted and registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medical Authority and endorsed by PIRSA.

Roundwood Solutions sources its timber from commercially grown sustainable forests, this coupled with the new carbon based Tanapost technology can now provide the cleanest non toxic polluting post on the market. Instead of buying a polluting product, purchase the ultimate renewable. Tanapost.

To find out where to purchase Tanapost® wood products, please contact: sales@roundwoodsolutions.com.au

To learn more about the preservation technology,

please visit Lonza: https://www.lonzawoodprotection.com/apac/next-generation-tanalith/


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